By Ben Macallan
Solaris, $7.99, 336 pages

Jordan has been running from his family for years and is determined to avoid taking his place as his father’s right hand – something that has less than desirable consequences. Making his living finding those who are lost, he moves from town to town and leads a solitary existence until he meets Desdaemona. Enthralled with Desi, a beautiful girl who is slightly more than human, Jordan agrees to help her find her sister who is on the run from a powerful immortal family. When the search brings him into the limelight, Jordan must work to help Desi and escaping his birthright yet again.

Desdaemona is an outstanding fantasy novel by author Ben Macallan. The character Jordan is a wonderfully complex character and is full of contradictions: he is wise yet naïve, cynical yet hopeful. His narrative throughout the book is smart, sly and witty and nicely develops throughout the book. The other characters, too, are well-written. In particular, Desi is a nice counterpart for Jordan – confident, strong, and determined. The plot is well thought out and moves along at a nice pace. This is a book that will leave the reader wanting more. A must read for fans of fantasy.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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