By Steve Metzger
Orchard Books, $16.99, 32 pages

Little Boy, oops, that’s Detective Blue now that he’s grown, is the funniest children’s book I’ve seen in some time. Maybe it’s the funniest ever. The author, Steve Metzger poked fun at many of the old nursery rhymes, twisting this way and that, as Detective Blue goes about solving the case of the disappearance of Miss Muffet. If a child knows all the old nursery rhymes, they’ll find it funny too. Detective Blue is a lot of fun for parents or grandparents as well. Illustrated by award winning author and illustrator Tedd Arnold, it has a style something like that of a graphic novel but much better. Be sure to look closely at the details in the art, there’s more humor to be found there. I can’t say for sure children will enjoy Detective Blue but I certainly did. I laughed and laughed some more as the book progressed. If you want a book that’s fun for you when you read it to your children or grandchildren, this is it. However, you might be prepared with all the old nursery rhymes, Detective Blue could spark their interest in them. The book’s quality is first rate, and should last a long time.

“I slapped Dumpty on the back. Oops, I guess that was a mistake. I called all the king’s horses and all the king’s men…
Now lets see what Jack Horner has to say. I found Jack eating a piece of pie…”

Reviewed by David Broughton,

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