By Jennifer Nielsen, Gideon Kendall
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, $12.99, 189 pages

Before cracking open this book, young readers would be wise to grab every lamp, lantern, and flashlight to help combat myctophobia (the fear of darkness). Elliot and the Pixie Plot: Book 2 is author Jennifer A. Nielsen’s newest additions to her Elliot series. And this one is full of monsters, goblins, demons, brownies, pixies, shapeshifters, and one mean 5th grader. It is understandable that when readers sit down to enjoy this adventure, the more light they have, the better. Although characters can be creepy, Nielsen’s sense of humor will appeal to juvenile audiences. Funny names like Princess Fidget Spitfly and Fudd Farwick will tickle a funny bone or two. Elliot is a normal boy who is worried about finishing his science fair project. But his troubles are only beginning. He’s been kidnapped by pixies and is being held for ransom. This book is perfect for boys and girls, ages 8 and up. Chapters are short and include black and white illustrations done by Gideon Kendall. If the chapter names are any indication of the treat in store for readers, consider this: “Chapter 2: Where Elliot Meets a Triple Scoop of Evil with a Cherry on Top.” Don’t forget the lights!

Reviewed By Elizabeth Franklin

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