By Brad Gallagher
Mackinac Island Press, $8.95, 332 pages

Uncle Gary has been making furniture for as long as his family can remember. So it comes as a shock when he asks them for $10,000. Why isn’t Gary selling his pieces to get the cash he needs? After their uncle disappears for six months and strange men show up, siblings Billy and Sophie know something is wrong. They begin an adventure to find Uncle Gary that is filled with danger, excitement and magic. Read their story in Brad Gallagher’s Escape From Zobadak. Gallagher is extremely imaginative and seems to understand what it is like to be a teenage. The only way the kids can rescue Gary is to travel to another world using his furniture as a portal. This world is filled with countless drawers containing numbers and bits of history. Did Gary leave clues for the children to help them? If your child likes the Narnia adventures check out this book. The chapters can be short, but the action keeps the story moving. YA readers will enjoy tagging along on this uniquely magical and whimsical journey. While searching, Sophie and Billy must also deal with school bullies and nosey parents.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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