By David Freed
The Permanent Press, $29.00, 300 pages

Logan is a divorced, sarcastic flight instructor living in beautiful Rancho Bonita, California. He owns an old plane, has no clients, and owes a mound of debt. When his ex-wife Savannah shows up unannounced, she asks Logan to give information to the police about the past of her new husband, who happens to be the victim of murder. Logan is resistant, given the fact that it was his best friend that Savannah married. Once Logan decides to speak to the police, they do not believe him or his secret ties to the government. Logan must search for the killer himself. So the adventure begins!

David Freed, author of Flat Spin, is clearly knowledgeable about planes and military affairs which allows him to paint a very compelling, believable story. Freed is the kind of writer that once the reader picks up the book, it is virtually impossible to put down. If murders and mysteries are your passion, this is a book for you!

Reviewed by Seniye Groff

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