By Clemency Pearce & Rebecca Elliott
Klutz, $16.99, 32 pages

A fabulous story about the things that go bump in the night, and the little girl who sends them running, Frangoline and the Midnight Dream has an infectious sense of fun. By day, Frangoline is a sweet and obedient child, but at the midnight hour she climbs from her room to frighten beasts, waken ghouls, and enjoy a fantastic midnight romp in the forest. The kindly moon cautions Frangoline that she should return home before things get out of hand, but the little girl is fearless. When the dead start rising from their graves, however, Frangoline might be in over her head.

Written in rhyme, this spooky adventure is a perfect book to read aloud. Readers will bounce along with the mischievous protagonist as she dances over tombstones, causes mischief, and eventually learns a valuable lesson. Rebecca Elliott’s highly textural illustrations capture the dark and mysterious mood of the story without being frightening and make this unusual tale come to life. Let your inner imp run free with this fiendishly delightful book.

Elizabeth Goss

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