By K. Ryer Breese
Thomas Dunne Books, $9.99, 320 pages

We all wish we could see the future, right? Would we knock ourselves unconscious every time we wanted a glimpse? For Ade Patience, the narrator in Future Imperfect by K. Ryer Breese, the answer is yes; however, he’s less concerned with his prophetic visions as he is with the “buzz” he gets from seeing the future and defying nature. He becomes so addicted to the high that he purposefully gets into fights, crashes cars, and slams his head against anything solid enough to give him the desired concussion.

Things change when Vauxhall, the girl he saw in a vision years before, shows up at his school. She could be his possible way-out from his self-destructive habits, but she’s got some secrets, too. When trouble with a classmate gets serious, Ade’s view of the future suddenly doesn’t look very clear. He has to determine how to make his own destiny by trying to accomplish the impossible – change the future.

The author’s stream-of-consciousness style of narration and his use of modern young adult language keep us entwined with Ade’s fate, thoughts, and desires. With a unique take on time travel, the book twists and turns, never clear of its path until the end. Intriguing, current, and complex, this story will keep you wondering about both your present and your future.

Aimee Rasmussen

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