By Tony Evans
Multnomah Books, $9.99, 90 pages

Pastor and writer Tony Evans of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, takes a closer look at Psalm 23 in his slim book God is More Than Enough. Despite our insistence on self-reliance, God is daily trying to press us into utter dependence on Him, Evans writes, and the sooner we recognize His steadfastness and mercy, the sooner our souls will find rest. David’s secret in the Psalms is that he knows how to rest in the Lord, Evans writes: “I tend to think I’m sinning if I’m not busy, if I’m not working myself as well as creating more work for others. But David shows us that it’s in this green-pasture position, this still-water place, this rest mode and sense of dependence, that God guides us forward where He wants us to go.”

“When God says, ‘I Am That I Am,’ He’s saying, ‘I am always in the present tense.’ Everything for God is now.”

While Evans’s theology may be sound, little in the book rises above an outdated Max Lucado volume or a time-worn, oft-repeated sermon. God loves us, He stands for us, and we need to slow down and recognize who He is, Evans suggests. “God knows how to super-size His provision for every situation,” Evans writes. “He gives more than enough.”

Reviewed by Jennie A. Harrop

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