By Reeve Lindbergh
Candlewick Press, $15.99, 32 pages

A must read for library lovers everywhere, Homer the Library Cat is a charming animal tale about questing for quiet in a loud and busy world. Homer is a cat who loves quiet. He lives in a quiet house, plays with quiet toys, and loves the quiet lady who lives with him. Nothing makes Homer happier than a peaceful day spent in silence.

One day a loud crash rattles through the house and Homer is frightened into leaping through the window and into the world outside. No matter where he looks, Homer cannot seem to find a quiet spot. All of his hiding places, seemingly silent box cars and deceptively empty fire houses alike, turn out to be terrifyingly noisy places. Can a quiet-loving kitty find a peaceful spot in this loud and chaotic town?

Anne Wilsdorf’s illustrations provide Homer with a lot of personality, and the stripy-orange cat quickly captures the reader’s heart and sympathy. A great new book for anyone’s library.

Elizabeth Goss

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