How to be an Adult in Relationships The Five Keys to Mindful Loving


Sound Advice

By David Richo
Shambhala Publications, $15.95, 265 pages

How to Be an Adult in Relationships by David Richo is a book of the belief that you must be whole yourself to have a healthy relationship. The book walks through several concepts on how to recognize strengths, weaknesses, patterns of behavior and other actions that started when you were a child and evolved into adulthood. The author discusses how these characteristics affect relationships and what do about the effects, whether positive or negative. The primary concept of the book rests on the “5 As.” They are affection, attention, acceptance, allowing and appreciation. The author explains how these concepts effect people and can be used to build more positive and stronger relationships. The book is organized in an almost chronological sense, starting with the reader’s childhood, moving to the first relationships, addressing conflict and commitment, and also devoting a chapter to the end of relationships. This reviewer found the writing to be overly done at times and indirect in its message. However, the root lessons of the novel are of good value and useful to all persons in any kind of relationship from friendship to more.

“The fully actualized self can acknowledge and experience the entire range of human feelings.”

Reviewed by Jina Oravetz

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