By Ellen B. Braaten, PhD
American Psychological Assoc, $19.95, 265 pages

Finding the proper care can always be a problem, especially when it’s almost impossible to determine what’s wrong in the first place. How To Find Mental Health Care for Your Child looks at the various mental illnesses children need to deal with and how they are treated. It looks at a number of different therapies and how they work, as well as how effective they are for different illnesses. It also provides warning signs for the major illnesses that children tend to suffer from, as well as some good general advice.

Although it suffers from dryness and the advice given is extremely general, this book nonetheless provides useful help in determining what may be wrong with your child, as well as the most effective ways to treat the problem. Combined with links to places a parent can go to in order to get help, this can be a valuable resource even if the child is actually doing okay for his or her age. For parents that are unsure of what is going on with their child and looking for a way to deal with potential problems, this is a very good way to find the help you need.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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