By Tony Beshara
Amacom, $16.95, 312 pages

As someone who is currently ‘employment challenged’ I’ve read a lot of books about job hunting. I’m pleased to report that The Job Search Solution does not follow the crowd and focus solely on the best websites and job boards to use (hint: it’s not Monster, no one uses them anymore). Instead author Tony Beshara concentrates on some of the more intangible aspects of getting a job. Anyone can search a database and apply for jobs but writing cover letters and great interviewing are not skills that come naturally to many. Combining tested techniques with a personal touch and professional expertise (Beshara has been in the placement business since 1973) this book offers not only great tips but an understanding of just how difficult the entire process is.

The Job Search Solution also goes beyond the job search and deals with the psychological toll of losing a job and long-term unemployment. It’s both reassuring and encouraging which is a great feat for a reference book. Published this year it’s up-to-the-minute with useful resources and guides. A good tool for anyone looking for a job (and that includes the 52% of Americans who have a job but hate it).

Reviewed by Catherine Gilmore,

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