By Benjamin Tate
DAW, $7.99, 552 pages

Colin Harten has been monitoring the Well of Sorrows for a hundred years – since the time he was magically transformed by the Wells. Colin is increasingly disturbed by the growing danger from sukrael, dark spirits whose power is spreading. Colin has provided each of the races united against the sukrael with a magic tree for protection. Colin focuses his energy on ways to eliminate the spirits altogether, a battle with which he is growing increasingly frustrated. He must find a way to turn the tide of dark power before it is too late.

Leaves of Flame is the second novel in author Benjamin Tate’s series. He creates a wonderfully complex, vivid and imaginative world for his characters. The reader will enjoy reading about Colin’s struggle to save the three races while battling political problems at the same time. These books should be read in order. The reader will not regret investing time in the series.

Reveiwed by Barbara Cothern

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