By Elizabeth C. Bunce
Arthur A. Levine Books, $17.99, 360 pages

Celyn is a tough, spunky street urchin with a dangerous secret in this young adult novel set in a mythical time and place. Being a street-savvy thief has its advantages and Celyn knows how to get herself out of sticky situations. When she suddenly gets arrested and thrown into a jail cell with an acquaintance of noble blood and a story proclaiming his innocence, it’s only the beginning of some strange happenings. Lord Durrel has been accused of his wife’s murder and Celyn believes him when he says he didn’t do it. Tracking down the true story leads her through the streets and across the rooftops of a tense and dangerous city, unweaving mysteries and unlocking doors (literally) to find out the truth.

The story certainly has interesting, suspenseful elements with detailed descriptions and character development, but the excitement diminishes toward the middle. Although the story gains more momentum toward the end, readers may end up being slightly disappointed at the climax, which lacks enough substance to be completely satisfying. The ending seems to promise a sequel – hopefully the author has that in mind. A sweet young adult story with mystery and magic, Liar’s Moon is worth picking up.

Reviewed by Aimee Rasmussen

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