By Dionne Warwick
Charlesbridge Press, $19.95, 32 pages

Little Man written by Dionne Warwick and David Freeman Wooley is a special children’s book about a boy that loves to play the drums. He wants to buy a bike so he can go across town for lessons but doesn’t have the money for it. This well made book teaches things seldom taught to children, though many adults would do well to learn these lessons. The biggest is to follow your passion, to find your purpose and perfect it. This book also demonstrates the value of hard work toward a specific goal. The artwork by Fred Willingham is some of the best. Included is a CD, where Ms. Warwick reads the story. If you have a CD player handy, the adults can sit back, relax with their child, (or grandchild) to listen to the story while they look at the artwork. On one track Mr. Wooley demonstrates the drumming so everyone can understand exactly what Little Man is about. There simply aren’t enough superlatives to do this book justice without becoming trite. For what and how Little Man teaches, it’s a good value at any price, the regular price of $18.95 is a bargain.

“Dad,” I say, “Drums are my thing, adn I want to get better.”
My dad smiles at me, “Drumming is your passion,” he says. “It’s what your dreams are made of. You should never give up your dreams. If you follow them, you’ll find your purpose.”
“What purpose?” I ask.
“What you’re supposed to do with your life. Just keep practicing,” he says, patting me on the back.

Reviewed by David Broughton,

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