By  Claudia Davila
Kids Can Press, $16.95, 96 pages

Luz is having fun with her friends, going to the mall and hanging out, when the city starts having frequent power outages. Gas and grocery prices rise and Luz’s mom can’t drive her around town anymore or buy fresh produce. Luz’s name means “light” in Spanish and this spunky heroine is determined to find a solution to the community’s problems. Claudia Davila’s Luz Sees the Light is a creative graphic novel that tackles themes of friendship, social and environmental responsibility, and teamwork. When Luz and her friends find an empty lot, they dream of creating a park where families can find peace, strangers can become friends, and children can play safely. One neighbor even shows them how to compost and how to build vegetable gardens for a community garden. How will the rest of the neighborhood react to Luz’s plans? This chapter book is the first in a new series, The Future According to Luz. Davila includes a section at the end of the book showing readers how to make their very own compost pile. Don’t be surprised if your young reader is inspired to become more environmentally conscious by growing some produce to add to the family dinner table. Happy composting!

Kathryn Franklin

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