By Scott Oden
Medallion Press, $24.95, 503 pages

Memnon by Scott Oden opens with a storyteller being summoned to the deathbed of a mysterious Persian woman, who would tell him the story of Memnon of Rhoades, a great warrior, who fought with the Persians and crossed swords with Alexander the Great himself. While Memnon lived in the shadow of kings, as a statesman, soldier and general, he led a bitter conflict where Greek fought Greek and the whole of western Asia seemed to be at war. One king trusted him, one king feared him, and Memnon fought not for them, but for the love of one woman…

 “A mercenary, though some might go so far as to name him a traitor.”

The author weaves an intricate and rousing historical tale with this piece of fiction. He draws heavily on available historical resources and draws the reader into the agoras and battlefields of the age, intertwining the reader within the lives and hearts of his characters until our sword arms lunge with theirs. If you’re a reader tired of the same old Alexander perspective of this conflict and time period this book is a refreshing view of the ancient world.

Axie Barclay

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