By Leslie Tentler
Mira, $7.99, 425 pages

Caitlyn Cahill’s life was torn apart two years ago after she helped FBI agent Reid Novak put her brother, a serial killer, behind bars.  Now seemingly safely ensconced at her horse farm, Caitlyn’s life threatens to blow apart again when Reid comes back into her life because of a possible copycat killer who has made Caitlyn his target.  With the body count and their attraction to each other rising, Reid and Caitlyn must unravel the clues before it is too late to catch the murderer – and save themselves.

Midnight Fear is a solid and entertaining debut novel from author Leslie Tentler.  She builds a nice atmosphere of suspense that gets increasingly creepy as events unfold.  The characters are well-written and engaging, if a bit stereotypical.  The book is nicely paced and the plot has several detours that are fun for the reader.  Although the ultimate resolution is not surprising, it is interesting enough to be satisfying.  Fans of romantic thrillers will enjoy this novel.

Barbara Cothern

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