By Ellen Connor
Berkley Sensation, $15.00, 327 pages

Midnight by Ellen Connor is the second book in her Dark Age Dawning series. In a world where chaos reigns and nothing is as it seems Rosa has managed to eek out a small community where good people work together in order to survive. Chris is a drifter with an attitude. Rosa senses he is hiding something but knows his medical skills are needed in her small community. Struggling to survive and maintain her position Rosa tries to ignore the sexual tension growing between them only to find he is struggling with the same dilemma. Do they fall in love and risk it all or does Chris keep it simple and move on like he always does?

Midnight is a fascinating new world that pulls the reader in. While the premise can be a bit confusing, the idea is a great one and this author does a beautiful job of bringing the world to life. The characters of Chris and Rosa are real and gritty, honest people that want more in their lives. The sex scenes are numerous and steamy and the story entertaining. If you are a fan of paranormal romance and looking for something a little different definitely give Midnight a try.

Reviewed by Rebecca Feuerbacher

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