By Debbie Glasser, PhD and Emily Schenck
Magination Press, $9.95, 112 pages

Being the new kid in school can be one of the toughest things about moving to a new place. Children can feel alone, unsure of where they might fit in, and worried about the unknown. Doctor Debbie Glasser and her daughter Emily Schenck have written New Kid, New Scene to help children get adjusted and ease into their new school and surroundings. Learn how to meet new friends and keep old ones, how to survive the first day at a new school, what to do while you are waiting to make friends, and how to put your best foot forward.

The book is filled with real-life stories from kids who have all been the “new kid.” They range in age from 8-14 and give real world tips and advice. In each chapter, readers will find “Casting Calls” filled with charts and quizzes to help them discover character traits that will help them thrive. “What’s My Next Line?” boxes suggest things to do when kids are having a tough time or things aren’t going as planned. The authors briefly cover bullying and directly address pre-teen and teen readers. Sometimes starting over can be a good thing.

Kathryn Franklin

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