By Matthew Kelly
Hudson Street Press, $21.95, 142 pages

Off Balance is based on the premise that the often discussed subject of work-life balance is a misconception and that work and life are intertwined to a degree that makes them impossible to separate. Someone unhappy in their job is likely to be unhappy in their personal life and vice versa. Instead, author Matthew Kelly focuses on a principle he feels is more applicable to a well lived life: satisfaction, which includes the desire to be “the-best-version-of-myself” personally and professionally. Kelly takes an interesting look at how this goal has been lost in today’s society with its entitlement generation and instant gratification mentality but then moves into practical solutions for those who want to change.

“Personal preference has triumphed over the pursuit of excellence. We want what we want and we feel entitled to what we want.”

This book is very interesting reading for anyone contemplating life changes or feeling stuck in their current situation. It is not a job search tool but more of a life coaching guide with brief tests and exercises. Kelly’s focus is on creating priorities and behavioral systems to stay aligned with those priorities and to experience the most satisfaction in life. Well written and engaging this is a book the reader will return to again and again.

Reviewed by Catherine Gilmore,

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