By C. Melvin Aikens, Thomas J. Connolly, and Dennis L. Jenkins
OSU Press, $29.95, 512 pages

Oregon Archaeology is an essential volume in any collection on Oregon natural history, culture, Native Americans, or archaeology.  Written by three colleagues at the University of Oregon’s Museum of Natural and Cultural History in Eugene, this volume is the authoritative source on archaeology from 14,000 years ago to the present.  The book is organized by geographical area including the Willamette Valley, Lower Columbia and Oregon Coast, the Northern Great Basin, Columbia Plateau, and Southwestern Mountains and Valleys.  Each area includes detailed information on important archeological sites in the region. The narrative is enhanced with maps, photographs and illustrations.  There is a detailed map of Northern California, Oregon, and Washington native languages and language families on the inside front cover graphically demonstrating the cultural diversity of Native Americans in the area. Included is an extensive bibliography and index making this a great reference book for archaeology students and professionals, as well as anyone interested in Oregon native history.  Oregon Archaeology will serve as an indispensable text in its field for years to come.

Catherine McMullen

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