By Patrick McDonnell
Andrews McMeel Publishing, $18.99, 208 pages

Earl (an adorable Jack Russell terrier) and Mooch (a cute tuxedo kitty) are the best of friends. They are also the stars of Mutts, an internationally distributed comic strip written by Patrick McDonnell. Fans will delight over Our Little Kitty Kat: A Mutts Treasury and the return of companions Earl and Mooch. With an estimated daily readership of over fifty million, Mutts is one of the most popular strips. This paperback coffee table book features nearly two years’ worth of color Sunday strips and daily black and white strips. It follows the day to day adventures of Earl, Mooch, and a large cast of neighborhood friends including Bip and Bop (two pesky nut-throwing squirrels), Guard Dog, Crabby, and other animals. Readers will love any portion with Little Pink Sock, Mooch’s favorite toy. Part of what makes Earl and Mooch’s friendship work is that they are so different, and their differences make for some great humor! McDonnell is a dedicated animal rights advocate. He supports animal protection groups and his passion is evident in his work. It was revealed this year that Earl was adopted by his owner Ozzie from the shelter. This is one shweet book!

Elizabeth Franklin

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