By Mary Connealy
Bethany House, $14.99, 330 pages

When I saw that Nebraska author Mary Connealy’s latest book Out of Control: The Kincaid Brides was available, I wanted to read it because I’m from Nebraska, have heard positive comments about her novels, yet haven’t read any of her work. My initial impression: Connealy’s writing is subtly humorous and highly enjoyable, especially if you appreciate romance novels. And, she includes plenty of passion.

Julia shoved Rafe back the same way and forced her way in between them. “We don’t have time for this now. And if you can’t settle your differences without fists, then both of you get out of here. Go back to your ranch and leave me to tend to Audra and my little sister alone. I’ve got enough to worry about without two muleheaded men making life more difficult.”

The tension between Julia and Rafe can be felt immediately and continues through until the last page of the story. Unfortunately, I found myself wanting to pull Julia to one side and let her know she needs to stop acting like a spoiled brat, particularly since she hasn’t lived a spoiled life. Her constant whining about exploring the caves goes over the top at times, making her a one-dimensional character. If you can get past Julia’s brash personality, Out of Control provides a lot of entertainment. The Kincaid brothers are good, old-fashioned cowboys trying to deal with an unhappy event from their childhood. Rafe and Ethan try to save two “damsels in distress,” assist with the impending birth of a child, and search for answers from their past.

A little mysterious, a touch predictable, but pleasantly difficult to put down.

LuAnn Schindler

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