By Man Martin
Thomas Dunne Books, $25.99, 310 pages

Paradise Dogs isn’t the book I envisioned when I saw the title. The title refers to a place, and a kind of hotdog, the best hotdogs in the world, or so the lead character Adam Newman believes. The story is about many things, mostly how Adam tries to recover what he once had, his lost love and his version of Paradise. There’s much humor in this book, beginning with the Newman name, it’s a perfect fit for a guy that often claims to be anyone, or anything, if the occasion calls for it. If a doctor is called for, Adam will step up and tell the parties involved he’s a doctor, but isn’t, of course. No matter what’s called for, Adam is the man for the job, unless that job is straightening out his own tattered life. Communist plot? Bring it on. Having a baby? No problem. I found this book quite enjoyable, though if you don’t watch closely, some of the tongue in cheek humor might sail right by. Superbly written by award winning author Man Martin, Paradise Dogs will undoubtedly become a classic tale on par with the likes of Twain. That’s about the highest praise I can give, to compare any author to my most beloved writer.

“Adam Newman always stood ready to apply himself when needed, and if he wasn’t needed — for example if Adam Newman, Real Estate speculator and erstwhile Restauranteur wasn’t required, Adam Newman, Veterinarian, or Adam Newman, Attorney at Law was — he stood ready to offer that too.”

Reviewed by David Broughton,

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