By  John Welwood
Shambhala Publications, $12.95, 205 pages

Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships: Healing the Wound of the Heart is a helpful self-help book with a focus on how moments of loving freely in personal relationships give way to problems that arise in those same relationships, leaving us wounded and reactionary. Yet if we as humans can learn to embrace our humanity and appreciate rather than react badly to these imperfections in our relationships, we can grow individually as well as create a better quality of relationships and improve our relationship to the world in general.

“This basic insecurity makes it hard to trust in ourselves, in other people, or in life itself.”

Award-winning author and pioneer in psychological and self-help work, John Welwood, guides the reader through just what perfect love and imperfect relationship means, as well as how grievance affects the mood in these relationships, how to let go of such grievances, moving from a state of self-hatred to self-love, and how love is freeing. The book also includes a chapter of practical exercises to help in this transformation.

Axie Barclay

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