By Carol Gardner, Shane Young
Feiwel & Friends, $16.99, 32 pages

When author Carol Gardner dressed her English bulldog Zelda as Santa for a greeting card, she knew her puppy was a star! Now Zelda and her canine friends make their royal debut in Princess Zelda and the Frog, a fantastic reimagining of a classic fairy tale. Children will love the combination of Gardner’s words and Shane Young’s photographs. Once upon a time, Princess Zelda lived in a huge castle with her parents King Sour-Mug and Queen Lucille. Zelda has everything she wants, except a good night’s sleep. One day she meets a frog who wants to be her BFF (best friend forever). Zelda accepts, but later changes her mind. She doesn’t really want a frog for a BFF after all. The frog hops to the castle and says, “Oh, BFF, please let me in! So I might see your lovely grin!” Will Zelda honor her promise? And will she ever get a good night’s sleep? The bulldog models are sweet, charismatic, and photogenic. Each costume change will have reader giggling with glee – Zelda’s regal purple down and tiara, a doggie in a festive frog suit, and even a bikini fit for a princess! What a fun doggie fairy tale!

Elizabeth Franklin

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