By Barry A. Vann
Prometheus Books, $26.00, 228 pages

This novel describes how the spread of Islam will end Western civilization, as we know it. In this short, straight to the point novel about Islam, it is clear the author does not have faith in religions he does not understand, or the growing Muslim population. Attempting to prove his point, Vann includes maps and charts to show the ever-evolving world of religion. Changing not for the better, Vann writes.

He implicates that the most violent Muslims will overpower the peaceful Muslims, in an act of malevolence that is truly against the laws of Islam. Muslims are traditionally a peaceful people, and his theory of newfound violence is not supported with hard evidence or a debatable thesis. This is an inflammatory, alarmist novel that is trying to instill fear in Americans gullible enough to believe it. It would clearly offend Islamists for his characterization of the religion. This is a colorful read for those willing to see an interesting point of view on Islam.

Reviewed by Liz Friedman

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