By Nancy Ross Hugo
Timber Press, Inc., $29.95, 242 pages

Writer and botanist Nancy Ross Hugo and nature photographer Robert Llewellyn have put together a fascinating and beautiful book, Seeing Trees, which works wonderfully on at least three levels:  to understand the unique processes of trees; as a reference for studying individual trees where you find them; and as a stunning coffee table book with some of the most beautiful photography to be seen anywhere. Written in an interesting, conversational tone, the reader will find descriptions of both deciduous and evergreen trees including American Beech, American Sycamore, Black Walnut, Eastern Red Cedar, Ginkgo, Red Maple, Southern Magnolia, Tulip Poplar, White Oak and White Pine. While these trees are found in or near the author’s home in Virginia, they can also be found in other locales.

Written descriptions complement the photos, explaining unique tree processes, while the close up photography shows views that could never be seen with the naked eye. This reviewer highly recommends the book Seeing Trees as both an object of beauty and a marvelous, enjoyable source of learning.

Rosalie West

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