By William Shatner with Chris Regan
Dutton, $21.95, 254 pages

William Shatner has been in the public eye for decades. He’s worked in film, television and theatre; given lectures, recorded albums, written books and, let’s not forget, attended all those “Star Trek” conventions. With Shatner Rules,Bill, as he likes to be called, doles out anecdotes, advice and rules to live by with humor and charm. The writing is tongue-in-cheek with its simultaneously self-deprecating and self-aggrandizing passages. But there is truth there as well and getting a look at the Shatner psyche is what it’s all about.

“RULE: Always Be Yourself. Especially If ‘Yourself’ Has a High Q Rating and Is Pleasing to a Wide Variety of Advertisers. (See Shatner, William)”

This book is an utter delight. It is, literally, laugh-out-loud funny. The stories are full of twists that are at times surreal—like having Henry Rollins and Rush Limbaugh together at a football party in Bill’s house. The book is full of jokes, rules and “fun factner” asides with little cartoon Shatners. It is…just…so much…fun to read. And that’s just what it’s meant to be.

Shatner Rules is a light, clever, witty book that is all about enjoying life from the perspective of a now 80 year old man with fascinating stories to tell. Don’t look for serious here, but if you’re in the mood for something flip and fun, this is a great read.

Reviewed by Leah Sims

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