By Ross E. Lockhart, editor
Night Shade Books, $15.99, 530 pages

The Cthulhu mythos, created by H.P. Lovecraft, is one of the most well-known horror universes in literature. In this new collection from some of today’s most well known fantasy and horror writers, The Old Ones are still alive and well on planet earth.

All of the stories in The Book of Cthulhu are great. It is a challenge to find a story not worth reading. Two notable ones are “The Unthinkable” by Bruce Sterling, and “Bad Sushi” by Cherie Priest. The first story follows two military generals/wizards, as they discuss the use of The Old Ones’ power as military might. It is a fun romp through mythology and how monsters would look and act in today’s militant world. The second story tells of an aged sushi chef nearing the end of his life. Each night people in his restaurant are going crazy after eating his food. Soon the entire city has been infected, and turned into acolytes for Cthulhu. They chase the sushi chef, and he makes his final stand against thousands of zombies.

Because there is such a variety of authors, every author is given a chance to shine. For anyone who has been a life-long fan of Cthulhu, or anyone looking to start into this universe, The Book of Cthulhu is a wonderful collection.

Andrew Keyser

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