By Kelly Gay
Pocket Books, $7.99, 324 pages

Charlie Madigan has a busy life – as a detective in Atlanta, she is dedicated to protecting its citizens from danger – both natural and supernatural. Add to that raising her daughter, dealing with her partner, Hank, a siren, and trying to get her sister un-possessed, she has plenty on her plate. Things get even more complicated when the possessed of the city start killing themselves (following the mysterious exitus of all the exorcists in town) and Charlie must race to save her sister before she has the same fate.

The Hour of Dust and Ashes is the third novel in the Charlie Madigan series. The first recommendation for the book is to start with the first one – this book can be read without doing so, but you’ll miss a lot of the background information and story. Charlie herself is a fantastic character, one who is loyal, tough, fearless (except when it comes to protecting her family) and complex. The storyline is logical and well thought out and flows at a nice pace with no dragging. Fans of fantasy and kick-butt heroines will enjoy this series.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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