By Tamsin Pickeral
Barron’s Educational Series, Inc, $35.00, 288 pages

As a little girl, I used to pour over the horse section of Encyclopedia Britannica. I wanted to learn about the different breeds, name each one and dream of one day owning this one or that, to ride it freely in an open meadow or brush its beautiful mane and clean his shoes. Seeing The Majesty of the Horse now, I wish I’d had this treasure of a book growing up. It is the most complete and beautiful book honoring a valiant and noble animal. An in-depth history and accounting of the rarest types of horses across the globe is only the tip of the pasture. The glossy photos depict horses in their most natural state giving philos-equestrians a thrill beyond any other picture book this reviewer has ever encountered. The Majesty of the Horse takes readers on a training extravaganza of rare breeds and common ones, their demographics, ancestries dating back to the beginning of recorded time, character strengths, chronological history attuned to the specific breed and all the splendor that honors each and every one of them.

This book would display most beautifully on anyone’s coffee table or make a cherished gift for horse-lovers galore! Share this dreamy book with young and old equestrians alike.

Reviewed by M.Chris Johnson,

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