By Joan Luise Hill, Katie Mahon & Mary Beth Phillips, PhD
Sterling Ethos, $17.95, 230 pages

What is a miracle? This is the question, presented after a personal tragedy, which sparked a ten-year journey taken by three women as they search for answers in many places. The Miracle Chase is a tale of friendship, faith and love that unfolds as each friend, Joan, Meb and Katie, explore what defines a miracle and what it means to each of them personally. The book is an intimate tapestry woven of personal experiences, different spiritual and religious beliefs, and individual struggles and hardships over the years. The journey is heartfelt and authentic, supplying the reader with laughs and some tears along the way as these women learn not only about miracles, but also about themselves and each other. This is a thought-provoking read, challenging readers to examine their own lives and beliefs concerning coincidences that defy human explanation.

Reviewed by Kimberly Logan-Elwell

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