By Jeffrey Stepakoff
Thomas Dunne Books, $29.99, 304 pages

Grace Lyndon single-mindedly pursues her career with great success. She creates flavors and scents for a large company in Atlanta, and has achieved respect in her field and financial security. One day, her assistant hands her an apple, and it dazzles her with its unusual aroma and taste. Her pursuit of its origin leads her to Georgia apple country, where she meets the young daughter of the orchard owner where the apple was grown. As she tries to persuade the widowed farmer to let her capture the essence of the apples he grows, feelings on both sides begin to blossom. Suspense builds when they find their future together threatened by the past.

Jeffrey Stepakoff has written for many TV series, including The Wonder Years, Sisters, and Dawson’s Creek. He has also written motion pictures, including Disney’s Tarzan and Brother Bear. He authored Fireworks Over Toccoa as well. His sensitive treatment of a love story is laudable. The descriptions of the beautiful countryside and the poignant story make this novel an enjoyable read. Anyone who likes a good romance will love this book about two people who are instantly attracted to each other, yet have little in common with their lifestyles.

Fran Byram

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