By Gillian Summers
Flux,  $9.95, 330 pages

Keelie Heartwood’s life is complicated – she is the Daughter of the Lord of the Dread Forest but continues to find mistrust and sometimes outright hostility due to her mixed blood (elf, fae and human). Nonetheless, her presence is requested in the Grey Mantle, due to their increasing concerns about a rift that is leaking magic. As usual, things do not go as planned and Keelie finds herself embroiled in conspiracies and conflicts between the fae and the elves. Despite this, she must find a way to work with everyone to close the rift and, naturally, save the world.

The Quicksilver Faire is the second book in the Scions of Shadow trilogy and the continuation of the Fairie Folk Saga. While it may be helpful to read the prior books first, it’s not necessary to enjoy this one. Keelie is a good heroin – smart, level-headed and wise for her age. She has found a way to successfully navigate the world she is in without trying to change who she is to do so. The storyline is interesting and shows the frightening side of the fae. The plot is well-paced and doesn’t drag. Fans of teen fantasy will enjoy this book.

Reviewed by Barbara Cothern

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