By Sandy Williams
Ace, $7.99, 307 pages

The Shadow Hunter follows McKenzie, a bounty-hunter for The Court. Every time a fae teleports, they leave a shadow trail of where they are going; McKenzie is one of the few who can read these shadows. She has been secretly in love with Kyos, the fae king’s top body guard, for 10 years. When she is captured by Aren, the leader of fae rebels, she begins to be torn two ways. As a battle to overthrow the fae king progresses, allegiances switch, but not until the last page does the reader find where McKenzie’s heart truly lies.

The book does have characters with personality.  McKenzie is a strong female lead who doesn’t put up with abuse. The tale also has very nice pacing with well described action scenes breaking up the storyline.

Just as it has many shining moments, there are things bringing the story down. While good, the plot took far too long to get started. The author unfortunately has a tendency to repeat herself and the story, making it feel as though the reader is stuck in a boring loop.

The loop is finally broken though, and the second half of the book bursts with incredible action, tight storytelling, character turmoil and justice, leaving the reader grateful and satisfied they persevered.

Andrew Keyser

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