By Matthew Costello
Thomas Dunne Books, $24.99, 310 pages

Zombie books seem to be popping out of thin air and spreading just as fast as the zombie virus! To read a unique twist on the genre, check out Vacation by Matthew Costello. When Jack, NYPD and dad, loses his partner in a fight with Can Heads (AKA zombies), his boss urges him to take a vacation to “Peterville Family Camp – Where Families Can Be Families.” Who wouldn’t want to spend a week swimming, boating, making smores an eating camp food? For Jack, the most important feature of the program is the razor wire covered walls. But as Jack and his family soon find out, the walls that keep zombies out also keep campers in. Security is tight! When neighbors begin to disappear, the family packs up and attempts to leave. But the camp director has other plans. When not writing, Costello works on award-winning computer and video games. His experience with gaming is evident in the book. It is a fast and thrilling read that you’ll want to finish in one day. Costello encourages readers to have doubts and suspicions. Can you figure out exactly what is happening? Where will you go on vacation next?

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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