By Valerie Wyatt
Kids Can Press, $14.95, 24 pages

When babies discover that there is a whole world waiting for them, it is a beautiful thing to witness. One of the most exciting stages a baby goes through is learning that there are other small beings in the world just like them! What fun it is for parents and family members to introduce children to the wonders of the world. Valerie Wyatt’s new book Welcome to the World is written for very young children – possibly even their first book! Along with Lennette Newell’s outstanding photographs of beautiful babies and nature, Wyatt’s sweet words and phrases welcome a new child into a world filled with amazing possibilities. Adult readers will enjoy special bonding time as they make their little one aware of what awaits them: the feel of the warm sun on soft skin, the sound of wind and raindrops, the smell of blooming flowers, the feel of soft animal fur between tiny fingers, the sound of family laughter, and the feeling of being loved. Welcome to the World is filled with messages of joy, discovery, welcome, and love. Add it to your household library to help welcome a new family member!

Kathryn Franklin

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