By Johanna Lindsey
Gallery, $25.99, 388 pages

Alana has been raised by her uncle to be independent and witty, knowing her own mind and sticking to her guns. An unusual upbringing among the British elite but perfect for the lost princess of Lubinia. On her 18th birthday Alana’s world is turned upside down when she finds she will not be marrying and settling down as all young ladies in their first season are expected to do. Instead she boards a ship for Lubinia to reclaim her crown and stop a civil war that will tear a country apart.

Johanna Lindsey, by far one of the best historical romance writers of our time, has succeeded once again. When Passion Rules encompasses all we have come to know Lindsey for; great characters, mysterious plot, and twists and turns to keep you guessing to the end. All this surrounds two characters that delight and entertain as they fall unwittingly into a passionate love affair. Unfortunately the ending is not all it could be. The book leaves you with unanswered questions and a feeling of being incomplete. Great book, rotten ending.

Rebecca Feuerbacher

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