By Olivia Bennett
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, $8.99, 231 pages

Sometimes a book will surprise you in the nicest ways. Who What Wear describes the fashion-design nightmares of Emma Rose, the secret identity of Allegra Biscotti, rising fashion star. Not only must she create a line of dresses for an upcoming pop-up store, but she must also deal with a mother more interested in matching her daughter to the decorations with no fashion sense. Throw in high school politics and an inept intern, and it makes for a very pleasant quilt of characters.

The book has a very nice theme, in that we all have at least two faces we must present to the world, a private one and a public one. By realizing that Rylan and her share that in common, a bond is forged between the two girls, and they come to each other’s rescue, making for a very satisfying climax. Besides some of the best characterizations of women and girls, with most of the cast having reason for what they do, and that the plot unfolds as a consequence of its characters’ actions rather than coincidences, this book is one that anyone can enjoy.

Jamais Jochim

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