By Anouchka Grose
Tin House Books, $15.95, 232 pages

Why do we fall in love? What function does it serve and how does it make us so crazy? Who should we love, what are our options for loving, what happens when love is over or isn’t returned? And, most importantly, just what the heck is up with limerance?

“Realistically, silliness is all we have.”

Anouchka Grosse tries to answer these and other questions about love and romance in Why Do Fools Fall in Love: A Realist’s Guide to Romance. From defining love, to being unhappy in love and why it drives us insane, especially when we aren’t loved back, Grosse covers love side to side, top to bottom. Straight talking and empathetic, Grosse’s humor and savvy guides the reader through the ups and downs of love, from monogamy, to polyamory, friends with benefits, swinging, love and hate, through men and women in relationships, and breaking up, hate, and silliness, Grosse attempts to answer, with salty realism, once and for all, just what is this wacky thing called love, what are our options, and just what can we do about it.
Axie Barclay
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