By Stuart J. Murphy
Charlesbridge Press, $6.95, 32 pages

For a young child, learning to write his or her name is a huge challenge and a great accomplishment. Write On, Carlos!, by Stuart J. Murphy, tells the story of how a rabbit named Carlos learns to write his name after seeing some of his friends writing their own names. Carlos’ mother helps him begin. At the bottom of every page is an alphabet strip highlighting the letter Carlos is practicing. Carlos meets his friends at the sandbox. He is proud when he can use his finger to draw his name in the sand. He had not realized how much work it would take to master the skill, but he did it!

Each book in Murphy’s I See I Learn series includes a section titled “A Closer Look” which provides an additional two pages of activities and questions for further exploration based on the book’s topic. In Write On, Carlos!, children are encouraged to write their own names using the provided alphabet chart. They are also asked to write the names of family members and friends. Once children learn this cognitive skill, they can better recognize and form letters, which leads to writing more words. Write on!

Kathryn Franklin

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