By Doug Mayer, Val Stori, Tod Van Jahnes
St. Martin’s Press, $12.99, 214 pages

Everybody poops- we all know this. We have pooped as long as there has been a person around to do it. We poop at home, we poop in public. We poop on travel, in the ocean and even in space. But there is so much that we don’t know about it because it has become unspeakable and taboo to talk about. You Don’t Know Sh*t is a humorous look at the natural body process of pooping. The book was quite enjoyable as it moves along at a fast pace. The book is extremely informative and injected with humor throughout, which keeps you entertained through the more awkward aspects of pooping. You may wind up knowing more about poo than you ever thought possible; however, the information is interesting. While the book is a bit graphic about a few of the dirtier sides of poop, there is typically sufficient warning of descriptive facts to come. So if you’re curious about poop, and frankly, who isn’t, then this is the book for you.

Reviewed by Rachel J. Richards

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