From the Editors
What is the subject suppose to be for a “From the Editor” article? Is there a standard for this forum? I’ve looked around and haven’t gleaned any set expectations. In fact, I have to admit that I never used to care what editors had to say because they edit the entire magazine; their work is already throughout the folds of picturesque pages and meaty articles, so what more would they have to say that would hold my attention?

Well, now I read every editorial I can find! I want to know what they have to say, what they want to talk about… mainly, because I have no idea what to write about now that I’m expected to do these darn things! I feel that I’m not that exciting of a person to blog about my daily activity and make it interesting enough for readers and long enough to fill a section opposite the masthead in a publication.

Some editors I’ve been reading lately babble on about their adorable cat or their prolific garden. Others take the opportunity to vent their political beliefs and foibles. That’s just not my style. Oh, I can complain and bellyache with the best of them about any ole bothersome thing, but that’s not really what I want to display to folks reading a book review publication. It’s just not right…

What feels good and feels right is to talk about all things books, because – let’s face it – that’s an endless subject of fascinating topics. I don’t ever seem to tire of discussing books, stories, authors, and the book industry. I think I could probably even get in some bellyaching, too!

As we begin to gather reviews and book covers for our printed June edition, I am reminded of how far we have come and how many exciting new things we have in store for you in the remainder of 2012. Stay tuned and let me hear from you!

Readers Unite!
M. Chris Johnson
Editor in Chief