Remembering India

By Mary Pope Osborne
Random House Children’s Books, $12.99, 112 pages

Author Mary Pope Osborne saw the most beautiful site in her life many years ago. She was traveling in Agra, India and toured the Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world. Since that day she has longed to go back. Writing A Crazy Day with Cobras was her way of returning. Main character Jack and Annie are whisked through time, back four hundred years, and end up in India. Now readers can join Osborne and her protagonists on the journey of a lifetime as Jack and Annie explore the Taj Mahal. Fans of the Magic Tree House adventures for young adults won’t be surprised to learn this is the 45th book in the series. When Penny, a magician’s penguin, is put under a spell, the only way to save her is to travel back in time. Jack and Annie must solve four rhymes in order to save Penny. The answers lie in India and only the magic tree house can send them there. The story is a wonderful blend of mystery, magic, history and illustrations. The chapters leave readers in suspense wondering what will happen next. If your youngster wants a fun and adventurous read, check out this series.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Franklin

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