By Nathalie Herschdorfer
Thames & Hudson, $50.00, 192 pages

Photography in war or in conflict zones tends to focus on the here and now. What about the people and places days, months, or years after the event? How does the landscape look several years after a traumatic event? What other ways are there to convey the sense of tragedy after the event is over? In this collection of photographers, edited by Nathalie Herschdorfer, we get to explore the traumatic aftermath of tragic events. Faces of the people who survived the Holocaust. The surrounding neighborhoods two days after 9/11. The inside of homes after Katrina. The pictures of soldier’s rooms that did not make it back from Iraq and Afghanistan. Faces of soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is a moving book. The pictures are powerful and pack a punch. The book starts and ends with 9/11 with two different views. In between are heart-wrenching photographs that speak to the soul. Each photographer has their best work shown, and the pictures are a moving tribute to the people and places behind tragedy.

Reviewed by Kevin Winter

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