By Steven M. Forman
Forge Books, $25.99, 346 pages

Most books worry about the plot; this one worries about the denouement. Retired cop Eddie Perlmutter returns in Boca Daze. He starts by looking into some pill mills after being given the heads up by someone he put away a few times, and ends up investigating a scam artist on Bernie Madoff’s scale. Although the investigations are dealt with in short order, the issues that the investigations raise are much harder to put to bed, and result in a few death threats. Only once those issues have been addressed will Eddie be able to really get some action.

The pacing for this book is slow until the basics have been introduced, but once they are out of the way, the book really starts going. Eddie not only has to handle the investigations, but also contend with the fact that his mojo seems to have lost him. Once he is back in the saddle, however, the book really takes off, and everything starts falling into place. Since most private-eye books deal with just the cases, this book’s look at the effects of its investigations is a welcome change and should make it a fan favorite.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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