By Herb Castle, Gil Kane, & Frank Springer
Dark Horse Comics, $49.99, 216 pages

Reading old comics can be an education in and of itself. Matt Price, Jr., is Brain Boy, a powerful psychic with telepathy and telekinesis. Soon after his high school graduation, he is recruited by the Society of Active Anthropologists to deal with exotic problems that a normal spy couldn’t begin to deal with. All six issues from 1962 and 1963 have been collected here in Brain Boy Archives.

Although jaded collectors may find little of interest here, other readers will enjoy the comics. The artwork is nicely done and is definitely towards the top of the ‘60s art curve, with a lot of detail. The futuristic machines look like they could really belong in the future, and the few aliens presented look like they could work as a real species. The powers are presented as we would expect them to work, without all of the special effects you would see in other comics. Better yet, Price is not under the illusion that he is just another human, making for some interesting conflicts on its own. For someone curious about why comics are so popular, this could make for a very interesting read. For comic geeks, however, this could be a nice taste of retro-nirvana.

Reviewed by Jamais Jochim

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