By Jerry McNerney, PhD & Martin Cheek
Amacom, $27.95, 310 pages

The future of energy is in flux.  Many people agree that we are near, or close to approaching, the world of peak oil.  Many more people are starting to see the affects of climate change from more extreme weather events and not just in warming temperatures.  In this book Congressman Jerry McNerney and Martin Cheek take on the task of helping Americans kick the habit of fossil fuels and moving to cleaner burning fuels.  Not only to save our economy, but to save our health and the planet.  They split the book into three parts, the first covers the history of the fossil fuels, the second discusses how energy effects different parts of the economy and people’s lives and the third covers what our energy future will look like.

There are many books like this one on the market.  Unfortunately there is little to distinguish this book from the rest.  Al Gore did an excellent job in his book, and this feels like they are just trying to follow in his footsteps.  Also the writing repeats itself and by the end of the book you will have read the same sentence many times.  It is a brave attempt, sloppy execution.

Reviewed by Kevin Winter

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